About us


I started my gardening business in 2009 after gaining a passion for outdoor space working on a golf course. I then had two years working at Morleys garden center which I gained considerable knowledge of plants. I have completed a sports turf and amenity maintenance level 2 course in 2010 at Writtle College and garden design higher certificate in 2012 at Writtle College. I am currently a student at the University of Westminster and studying a post graduate diploma in garden design.

I have completed many successful garden and planting designs. I have also completed landscape projects such as large specimen plants, planting improvement schemes, patios, pathways, fencing, sleeper edge installation, turfing, artificial turf installation. I also have a number of regular garden maintenance contracts.

Garden and Planting Design

Each project is set up in a bespoke fashion in accordance to your needs.

Here is an example how the design process works


Initial Consultation

The initial consultation will be meeting to discuss what your aspirations for the garden are. We will talk about how long the project will take and the practical requirements you will be looking for. We will discuss particular colours and styles that could work in the garden. I will develop a written brief that will work as a basis for the whole design process.


After the initial consultation has finished, the garden will be surveyed either by David Magor or be outsourced to a professional surveying company for very large gardens.

Concept stage and mood boards

I will produce a mood board and concept sketches to show you different options for your garden such as style, layout, colours and plants. After accepting a particular layout and mood board you like. This stage is accompanied by estimations and different budgets for your project. 

Masterplan, planting plan, elevation drawing, construction plan, plant profiles

The master-plan is a detailed drawing of the whole garden and proposed layout.  

Planting plans will usually be included in the master plan unless asked for separately by the client.

An elevation drawing of the garden will show you what the garden will look life in a 3d perspective.

A construction plan will have detailed information to pass on to the hard landscapers, ready for build.

Plant Profiles will be a give detailed information on plants chosen and how to look after them.


Large hard landscaping jobs will be outsourced by trusted hard landscaping companies. Smaller hard landscaping and soft landscaping jobs can be built/installed by David Magor Gardens.